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What's Dogging you ask?

Dogging is a sex trend that has taken the world by storm! If you’re looking to join in the hot fun and enjoy public sex with hot strangers, then you’ve come to the right site! Go Dogging is an ultra-popular adult site solely dedicated to the fine dogging lifestyle!go doggingThrough the Go Dogging platform, sexy singles, swinging couples and whole dogging groups connect, meet, chat flirt and arrange for hot dogging sex all across the world. We empower local doggers hook up with each other to arrange hot outdoors sex –and now you can be part of the fun too!

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Simply put, dogging is casual sex in public places. Many people find the idea of dogging overwhelmingly risqué or even scandalous, but in fact, it’s easier, safer and a lot more casual than the conservatives might think! If you enjoy sex and you are open to casual erotic encounters with likeminded individuals in beautiful outdoor locations, then dogging is just perfect for you! ‘’Browse pictures, videos, send messages, etc’’

Dogging is thrilling as it involves aspects of voyeurism and exhibitionism

Dogging is thrilling as it involves aspects of voyeurism and exhibitionism with a sense of adventure and a lot of casual sex for those brave enough to undertake it.Watching others putting on a show is the mildest form of dogging, while seasoned doggers also take part in threesomes and group sex activities that take place in dogging locations all around Australia. Safe, Secure, Discreet. Our brand name won’t appear on their credit card bill.